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A husband and father with a variety of interests, Joe is a professional writer and podcast host who also enjoys blogging, motorcycle riding, listening to Bruce Springsteen and rooting for the Mets.

Podcast photo.
I really like podcasting.

At United Methodist Communications, he writes for UMC.org, the denominational website of The United Methodist Church. Joe also produces and hosts Get Your Spirit in Shape, a podcast featuring conversations with authors, leaders and bishops about growing as disciples of Jesus.

Originally from the Jersey Shore, home of boardwalks, beaches, and the Boss, Joe and his family lived in Colorado for 10 years enjoying the mountains and snow. Unfortunately, he never learned to ski or snowboard.

Before moving to Nashville and United Methodist Communications, Joe led youth and worship ministries in New Jersey and Colorado. He is a Deacon in The United Methodist Church.

Happily married since 1991, Joe and Diane have two great kids. Diane is the director of the Child Development Center at City Road Chapel United Methodist Church in Madison, Tennessee. Their son is a talented musician and music therapist. Their daughter is an aspiring actress/writer/director attending Columbia College Chicago.

If you talk to Joe long enough, he is likely to bring up something interesting he heard on a podcast. Oh, and he probably know more about The Simpsons than you, which was almost cool when he was a youth pastor in the 90s.

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I am so in touch with my theological heritage that a vending machine gave me a Coke Zero to share with Wesley.


Samples of my work are available at clippings.me/joeiovino

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