Fifth Sunday of Advent Series: A Different Kind of Christmas – Part 5 Text: Matthew 2:1-12 Listen to it HERE  [youtube:=] Well, it’s all over. The presents have been wrapped, the songs have been sung, the radio stations have returned to regular programming, and the food has been eaten. All […]

By A Different Road: Sermon Text

Text: Revelation 21:1-5 (Msg) Listen to the sermon: Restoration Project In the past several months I have become a fan of the History Channel, but I’m not watching the documentaries. Pastor Bob was the history major, not me. Instead I have been watching a reality show called American Pickers. Mike […]

Restoration Project: Sermon Text

Text: Luke 13:18-22 This is sermon 3 of 3 in my “Born to be Mild?” series. You can listen to this sermon HERE    I opened the sermon with this bumper and clip from the movie Cars. I know exactly what Sally means. On day three of my motorcycle journey with […]

It’s the Journey: Sermon Text

Text: John 10:1-10 Last Friday I wrote that I would do some blogging this summer about motorcycles and faith. Those thoughts have turned into this 3-week sermon series. In my seminary, like in most colleges, all first-year students had to take several “intro” classes. Intro to Church History, Intro to […]

Born to be Mild? – Sermon Text