John Wesley

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3 1
“I guess real religion is about knowing we’re not perfect, but trying to be better… together!” Kimmy Schmidt The above definition of church might not pass muster in a seminary class, but it’s not bad, especially coming from one of my favorite Netflix comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  In episode 9 […]

Church defined by Kimmy Schmidt

Text: Acts 2:42-47 Series: Sinning Like a Christian: The Seven Deadly Sins – Part 7 Listen: HERE “Indian priest Anthony de Mello told this story: A rich industrialist from the North was horrified to find a Southern fisherman lying leisurely beside his boat. ‘Why aren’t you fishing?’ asked the industrialist. ‘Because […]

Enough: A message on Greed – Sermon Text

Text: Matthew 5:13-16 Sermon 5 in our “Rule of Life” series. Listen to it HERE. Some things need salt When we first got married my parents gave Diane and me a pizza stone. That thing is awesome. Diane has become quite a pizza maker over the years, and because of […]

Shine On – Sermon Text