Youth Ministry

I spent many years in youth ministry.

Under the hashtag #NextMethodism, United Methodist pastors, theologians, and bloggers are putting forth visions of what the next iteration of Methodism will look like. While there is much disagreement among them, all participants seem to agree on an underlying assumption—current United Methodism is dying or already dead. I refuse to […]

What’s your story? # CurrentUnitedMethodism

Despite taking Spanish in high school and Greek in seminary, I only speak English. One day this summer, however, I’m pretty sure I understood Italian, because I know youth. One afternoon during the two weeks I had the privilege of attending the Wesley Pilgrimage in England (I wrote several blogs about it), I was on my […]

Pretty much the same in any language

In a fable called “A Nervous Condition” Edwin Friedman describes “little John” who when he was a year old began to have his ganglia, his nerve endings, grow outside of his body. Growing up with this condition that made him supersensitive to regular stimuli, John learned that others would watch […]

Don’t let the squeaky wheel lead

For the past 16 years I have had the phrase “youth ministry” in my title and/or job description. Before that, I was an active youth in my own youth group. One of the most significant developments I have seen over the years is a change in emphasis from retreat to […]

Hometown missions