I spent years as a worship pastor.

While out shoveling snow recently, I had Pandora playing in my pocket. The station was one of several I have based upon a worship artist. I was concentrating more on the cold than the music, until the music moved to the fore and I heard a new song. It was a live recording of what I […]

The noise of our songs

Many church leaders function as if the primary purpose of the church is to grow the church. I seriously question that. I received notification from my denomination (The United Methodist Church) this week that our congregation is supposed to set measurable goals for 2012 in 5 areas of discipleship – […]

The numbers don’t tell the story

We recently closed a worship service with Chris Tomlin’s “Holy is the Lord” played at break-neck speed due to the energy of the worship service at that moment. Quickly the song has become a favorite of the congregation, which I find a bit odd given the song opens with the line: “We […]

Putting my hands in His

In a quiet moment recently I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and prayed a quick prayer asking God to speak to me. Lately I’ve been trying to talk at God less and be still to listen to Him more. My U2 playlist was on my iPod and “I […]

I still haven’t found…