Blue Collar Wisdom

In production. Coming soon.

Welcome to Blue Collar Wisdom, my podcast of down-to-earth thoughts about life and faith through things we experience every day.

Growing up, my dad was my very first theology teacher. Though not a trained theologian — he worked as an itinerant heavy equipment operator running backhoes and cranes all over New Jersey — he thinks theologically.

For example, his lesson about the importance of honesty was, “You go to hell for lying the same as you do for stealing.” He taught about the importance of confession and that “the job isn’t over until the tools are put away.”

By his example I learned about sacrifice and the joy of working with your hands. I got a taste of freedom on the back of his motorcycle and struggled with patience whenever we went fishing.

Over the years, those messages became deeply ingrained in me. Much of how I view the world was shaped by those formative years. Even today, in my work as a pastor and now as a writer, I draw on those lessons.

Now, I want to share some of this with you. Join me as I think through what I have learned about life and faith, a perspective greatly shaped by the teachings of my blue collar dad.

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